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Big In BangladesH
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about the band

Goodtime Hustle is an electrifying four-piece band from Seattle, known for their genre-defying sound that weaves together elements of alt-country, jam band, psychedelic rock, and folk music. Led by Bud Weather’s soulful vocals and Chris Denny’s blazing guitar, the band’s dynamic rhythm section, comprised of Michael Gagliardo on bass and Tom Lash on drums, keeps audiences on their feet with infectious grooves and tight, improvisational jams.

Following the success of their debut, “Goodtime Hustle,” the band ventures into new territories with their sophomore album, “Big In Bangladesh.” Recorded at Seattle’s Birdhouse Studios, the album’s 12 tracks delve into themes of chaos and self-discovery, showcasing the band’s growth. “Big In Bangladesh” released on March 1, 2024 and takes listeners on an immersive journey through Goodtime Hustle’s evolving sonic landscape.

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